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Contact Us

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UK Address


Kemp House  
  152-160 City Road  
  London EC1V 2NX  
  Tel: 0870 609 2445  
  Fax: 0845 280 5243  


USA Office

Synnabar Consulting

For Business Consulting in the USA, see our associate company Synnabar Consulting.

P.O. Box 833546
  Texas 75083-3546
  Fax: 1.972.692.5819

Referrals Available

Dr. Anderson has a carefully selected network of colleagues and associates, each of whom is a licensed Psychologist in his or her own state throughout the United States to whom he can make referrals under his supervision.

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Curriculum Vitae for Ian Anderson

Executive Coaching

Hiring the Best

Derailment Prevention

Succession Planning

Is Your Team Headed for Trouble?

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