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Dr. Anderson is committed to a truly eclectic approach. He believes that Counselling and Therapeutic styles should be matched to the needs of the client/patient rather than the whims of the therapist. For this reason Dr. Anderson has taken time to train separately in a variety of therapeutic styles.

Treatment Options

In an exciting new approach to therapy, Dr. Anderson is pioneering the delivery of online therapy and remote therapy via his virtual clinic.

We offer a number of treatment options:

  • Email
  • Real-time online chat sessions
  • Telephone Sessions
  • Video Conferencing

Virtual Clinic

The provision of remote therapy is not of itself a new concept. Most therapists have had the experience of supplementing the face-to-face work they have done with clients and patients by telephone conversations between those face-to-face sessions. During the last few years some therapists including our Chief Officer Dr. Ian Anderson have increasingly offered their therapeutic work via telephone consultations.

It is not suggested that remote therapy will replace conventional face-to-face therapy. Indeed, remote therapy is not suitable for some patients, and some therapy cannot be delivered by this medium. However, therapy has been a rapidly developing medium for at least the last 100 years, and it is no surprise that therapists are already taking advantage of the latest in technology to expand the ways in which they can deliver help and increase the client populations for whom that help is available. In other words, remote therapy is clearly a natural outcome of the development of both therapy per se and internet technology.

Dr. Ian Anderson is now making therapy available using the following delivery methods:

  • Email
  • Real-time online chat sessions
  • Telephone Sessions
  • Video Conferencing

For a free 15-minute consultation with Dr. Anderson, contact us

Why Choose Virtual Therapy?

  • Convenience. The convenience of being able to schedule a session from wherever you are in the world when you want it without having to travel or take unnecessary time from your busy schedule.
  • Cost. As online therapists do not carry unnecessary overheads (for example,
    office space) they are able to pass on these savings to their clients.

In addition to creating further options for the delivery of therapy, online therapy meets the needs of significant client groups whose needs have not hitherto been met. These include:

  • People suffering from psychological disabilities that make visits to a therapist's consulting rooms unviable; for example, people suffering from agoraphobia, people suffering from social phobias, people suffering from anxiety disorders, and people suffering from myalgic encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • People who live in remote locations or in locations where therapeutic facilities are not available.
  • People who travel frequently in the course of their work and who often find it difficult to meet the sometimes rigid requirements of regular visits to a therapist's consulting rooms.
  • People who want the extra assurance of confidentiality that working with a therapist who does not live in their locality provides them.
  • People who find it easier to discuss personal and intimate matters when they are not face-to-face with another person.

Please send brief contact details and if possible a description of your therapeutic needs to Our virtual clinic is also available to serve your needs.

Sliding Fee Rate Scale

We receive numerous requests for free therapy and counselling which, apart from in the most exceptional of circumstances, we are unable to provide. However, in line with the highest standards of our profession, we can offer a sliding-fee scale based on your financial circumstances. If you are unable to afford our standard fee, please contact us in order to discuss sliding-fee arrangements.

No Obligation Discussion

We realize that the match between professional and client is an essential ingredient of the alchemy of the therapeutic process (and alchemy was, after all, about transformation). Please contact us for a no-fee, no-obligation discussion of your needs and our services.

Supervisory Service

Dr. Anderson is an experienced Supervisor of Psychologists, Counsellors, and Therapists.

Please contact us for a no-obligation discussion of this service.

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